On Amateur Hour: An Equestrian Podcast, adult amateur equestrian friends discuss topics relevant to the hunter, jumper, eventing and overall equestrian world. This podcast covers their thoughts and opinions on everything from lifestyle tips and tricks to controversial findings and rulings within the sports’ governing bodies.


Meet The Crew

Claire 2.jpg


Claire shows her horse/unicorn, Pluto, in the adult amateur hunters. She is the mother of a toddler and a pediatric occupational therapist. She lives in Maryland where it rains every other day.

You can check her out on Instagram @mdadultammy.

She also blogs at mdadultammy.com.

Kelly 1.jpg


Kelly rides her horse, Rio, in the adult amateur hunters. She does ultrasounds professionally in Texas, where they have excellent Mexican food.

You can find her on Instagram at @hunky_hanoverian.

Her blog can be found at hunkyhanoverian.com.

Taylor 1.jpg


Taylor shows her horses Cam and Tater in the younger amateur owner hunters and is bringing along two green hunter prospects, diddy and biggy. She is a residential real estate agent in southern Connecticut and has two cute wiener dogs, ziggy and ollie.

find her on Instagram @theecequestrian.

follow her horsey journey at theeastcoastequestrian.com.



Olivia rides her wonder mare, Juliet, in novice events. She also lives in rainy Maryland and You can catch her working at Dover Saddlery.

find her on Instagram @remarkablemare.